Housing Association




Dundee, Scotland

Multi-Storey Ventilation Upgrade

Transforming multi-storey apartment ventilation systems to ensure energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality, with our expertise in ventilation solutions.


The Housing Association had committed to upgrading insulation and energy measures in its multistorey apartment stock, and the existing ventilation systems’ operation needed to be fully functioning and tested. With increased insulation, it was imperative to ensure proper ventilation to prevent issues such as condensation and mould growth.


The Ventilation Experts were called to ensure proper roof ventilation in multi-storey apartments. Our team installed new controls, blowers, and axial units as needed while performing pre-asbestos testing to ensure proper control measures. We produced a program of works to access over 1000 properties and conducted an airflow test on existing extract grilles. We cleaned the localized grille and duct while using asbestos-approved PPE and equipment to prevent contamination. New balancing extract grilles with fire dampers were fitted, and specialist back plates used to save on redecoration costs. Finally, we balanced each extract grille and recorded airflow rates.


Our team completed the project on time, and a client report was produced providing details of the works carried out and the results. The ventilation systems were now fully functioning, ensuring proper ventilation in each apartment, preventing issues such as condensation and mould growth. The use of specialist back plates and the correct cleaning of the localized grille and duct minimized the impact on the tenants and saved on redecoration costs. Overall, the project was a success, and the Housing Association was satisfied with the results.