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Edinburgh, Scotland

Improved Airflow

We have the expertise to turn inadequate airflow into a breath of fresh air with our innovative ventilation solutions.


We were approached to address the issue of inadequate airflow in a tenement building, resulting in complaints from tenants about poor ventilation, condensation, dampness, and mould growth. The existing twin fan system was undersized for the application of extracting from eight wet rooms, which were internal bathrooms with no other means of ventilation. Tenants also reported a cross-flow of smells between properties from the common ductwork stack.


We recommended the installation of our Universal Blower to the existing system, designed to provide high-performance ventilation in buildings with challenging ductwork. Our experts carefully adjusted the blower’s settings to overcome existing duct pressure and noise levels, ensuring efficient functioning. We also balanced each extract location for effective ventilation.


Post-installation airflow testing showed that the system was now providing continuous ventilation at a rate of 9 litres per second, a significant improvement from the pre-installation average of 3 litres per second. The Universal Blower effectively addressed the problem of inadequate airflow, improving the living conditions of the tenants and reducing the likelihood of related problems like mould growth and condensation. The project was a success, and the property managers were satisfied with our work.