Housing Association




Glasgow, Scotland

Communal Ventilation Maintenance

Revitalizing communal ventilation for optimal indoor air quality.


The Housing Association’s communal ventilation equipment needed servicing and maintenance to ensure it worked efficiently. The equipment is crucial for 24/7 operation, as all wet rooms are internal with no alternative ventilation. However, extract inlets had become blocked with dirt and debris, and fire dampers had closed due to age, despite the equipment being in correct working order. As a result, pre-airflow testing and cleaning results showed poor results, averaging from 0-5l/s.


We provided a comprehensive solution that involved servicing all extract inlets and conducting duct inspection, removal and replacement of failed fire dampers, and re-balancing of extract inlets.


Our post-airflow testing results showed that the extract inlets were now balanced at 10l/s, increasing performance tenfold. This improved the efficiency of the ventilation system and ensured that the equipment operated correctly, maintaining adequate airflow and preventing potential health and safety hazards.